Saturday, 7 February 2009

Who's the daddy?!

Well, that'd be me! My beautiful wife gave birth to our gorgeous son last Saturday - in actual fact, in about an hours time he'll be exactly 1 week old.

When people say that having a child changes your life - they were severely under-egging the cake. Having our little Hayden is the most profound experience I've ever known and he's altered my/our life in so many ways - every one of them for the better.

With the recent weather ("the worst snow for decades") we've not really had much chance to venture out, and certainly not to the allotment, though I'd dearly love to get out into the fresh air with him. If we're not careful, he's going to start thinking the world outside is permanently white!

Back to work n just over a week, and I'm dreading having to leave him home. I've only known the guy for just a week, but my heart aches whenever I'm away from him.

I'm looking forward to sharing life with our little Bean, I'm sure I'll post on here when he gets his first spade!

For now, tata.


Jane said...

It just gets better and better believe me (potty training excepted) :o)
Enjoy him, janeyo

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you are your wife on this lovely event. I hope he gives you as much pleasure as our boys gave us. Post a piccie if you get the chance.

HayWayne said...

Ok, sorry- forgot about this place momentarily!

Photo about to be uploaded...