Thursday, 12 March 2009

Proof of Bean

Sorry, been a bit pre-occupied of late. Can't imagine why!

Oh yeah, this little fella!

Life has not been the same since he arrived - yet I'm still hopeful I'll be able to keep at the allotment, and grow him some good old veg which can of course be mashed and frozen!

Changes happen daily - and I don't mean just the nappies. Each day I come home from work and he seems to have changed again since I saw him last. The photos above were taken a couple of weeks ago, he looks different already.

I'm in danger of gushing here, but he is the most fantastic thing to have ever happened.

Can't wait to buy him his first pair of wellies, and a spade.

Look out for his first blog!

Back to thge gardening stuff - I've garlic and autumn sown onions sets in the greenhouse along with some allium flower bulbs. I've now also sown some broad beans - Martock harvested from my last seasons crops, so I'm hopefull they'll germinate and grow.

I've also planted various bedding plant seeds - hopefully to give a bit more colour to the garden this year and encourage both Bean, and bees into the garden (though perhaps not at the same time?). I'm twitching to get some more seeds into propagators indoors - tomatoes, chillies, basil.

Seed potatoes are once again chitting on the kitchen floor by the back door - Kestrel, Pentland Javelin and Sante.

Recently bought a small bag of spring planting onion sets too, as I seem to run out of onions to use early in the year, so hopefully will bolster stocks this year and be able to last right through.

Anyway, just a quickie for now. I'll hopefully be able to update again soon.


Vegetable Heaven said...

Gorgeous baby - the BEST sort of Grow Your Own!

Paul and Melanie said...

All together now... AHHHHHHHHHHH :D

Congrats, and I'm not surprised the growing season is taking second place at the mo, he's lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that baby is just adorable!
Was just following a link to look at your bean pictures and have totally forgotten about them looking at the lovely little chap.
Cute as a button. :o)

TiaChica said...

Congratulations! Beautiful baby!