Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Bean's arrival, back problems and Christmas

Not great as individual excuses, but combined they've all I've got to explain my reasons for not gardening and blogging.

Back when we visited Tuscany I felt a twang in my lower back, but having had several of these in the past I thought nothing much of it and get on with the holiday and made sure I performed my exercises every morning/evening which had always sorted it in the past.

After we'd been back a few weeks I saw no real improvement so bit the bullet and booked to see my osteopath, something I had put off due to the £30 a session fee. Again after seeing no real improvement I eventually went to the doctors and asked for a referral. Having had surgery on my back in the past to rectify 3 slipped discs, my doctor referred me back to the same surgeon/specialist. Once I'd seen him I was sent to have an MRI scan which confirmed what I'd feared - more slipped discs. This time the disc that had been operated on before was fine, having not much disc left it didn't really have much to slip. The problem this time is the discs above and below the "healed" one.

So, I was then booked in to have an epidural (at this point I had to check he was looking at my notes and not LadyWaynes). I've just got back from the hospital having had the needles stuck in my back and I feel ok.

It was a very surreal experience - I was taken from my room down to the operating room, and was one of several having the same treatment that day. I was laid out face down, and had a tap inserted into my hand - from that moment on it's all a bit fuzzy. I remember feeling the needles going in, and it being quite painful, but it was as if I was detached from the pain. I do however remember saying that hurt out loud, but I can't be certain.

Came round not long after and seemed very chatty, then taken back to my room where LadyWayne was quite happily watching some tosh on the telly - don't ask me what as things were still a bit fuzzy at thi stage.

Food was brought round a little while later and I was left to recover, with only the odd occasion where the nurse came to check bp and so on.

Just home now and the drugs are wearing off slightly, so I can again feel a "niggle" down my right leg, but I guess that's to be expected.

Fingers crossed the injections work, otherwise it's another operation, which whilst it doesn't worry me - I am concerned that I will not be up to full health to assist when Bean arrives - which is only just over 4 weeks away if all goes to plan.

The early signs are good, but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet. Cross your fingers for me.

In terms of growing I haven't done much other than plant onions and garlic in pots and put them in the mini greenhouse along with some bulbs of various descriptions.

The plot is looking decidely untidy, but with the abundance of cardboard we've acquired due to all the baby stuff I've simply covered a few of the beds and placed black bags full of leaves swept off the lawn to hold it down.

Here's hoping 2009 is a healthier year.

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Vegetable Heaven said...

I do hope this treatment does the trick.
You've got further than I have with the gardening - been meaning to sow the onions since Christmas!