Saturday, 17 May 2008

The rain on Wayne never feels like in Spain

Following last weeks scorcher, the weather feels decidedly less inviting today. Just been out shopping and it's raining that misty, drizzly rain. You know the stuff that soaks you right through (?!). Well, it's not really that bad, but it's chuffin miserable out.

Just popped outside quickly to make sure the greenhouse was warm enough for the tomatoes and chillies and the temperature gauge reads a healthy 20c. It's colder than that outside, but that's the magic that is a greenhouse I suppose.

Here's how things look today (apologies in advance for the small image sizes - some techno-witchcraft happened to my phone):

The grenhouse looking resplendent amongst the tubs that are now srpouting with Peonies, Hostas and something else I've no idea the name of.

The Emir melons are looking quite healthy - given that they're restricted to vending cup pots.

Conqueror sweetcorn in two batches, the first sowing in the foreground standing approximately 3-4 inches tall.

Asparagus peas growing well, and searching for sunlight.

The celeriac - which I thought I might have doen some harm to because when I removed them from the cell trays I had to pull at the roots and was worried about root damage. But they seem to be growing quite nicely and will soon go into the ground.

On the floral side of things -the Sparaxis seem to be shooting up all over the place (with a couple of stray sunflower seeds it would appear). Some of the shoots have sprung up to about 6 inches tall - while the rest all seem a little less relaxed about the whole growing process.

And then finally there's a couple of bulbs I planted in pots a while ago (again - can't remember the name of them but I'm sure I've posted their name on here before) and one is coming through and developing into a distinctive looking plant, whilst the other seems a little more shy.

Got people round for dinner later so I'm going to go and start on that now. The forecast for tomorrow looks more promising, but I've promised my brother-in-law I'll go car shopping with him, so I might have to wait until later in the day.

Until then....

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Su aka "Clarkie" said...

Wayne, your plants are looking fab, you are certainly green-fingered as well as being pretty high!! Su