Thursday, 1 May 2008

Every chance you get

Plant something!

Got in from work tonight and quickly nipped out to the back garden and into the shed to get some more seeds planted - I'm like a man possesed.

Tonight I managed to plant the Achocha which I received from the Heritage Seed Library. They are the strangest looking seeds I think I've ever seen...

I also planted the dwarf beans - Negritos, Some Squash - Avalon F1, Sweetcorn - Conqueror and some climbing beans - Blauhilde. I think I'll have to sow some more sweetcorn and climbing beans - I ran out of compost and space to plant any this evening, but hopefully as they're all in the electric propagator they shouldn't take long to get going and I'll transfer them into the greenhouse.

Speaking of moving things on, looking at the beetroot, parsnips and carrots, I think I'll be planting them into their final positions at the weekend. The beetroot is starting to take a bit of colour now.

Someone on The Grapevine came up with the idea of growing some sunflowers from bird seed, and having a bit of a competition to see who could grow the tallest. Given my own height, I'm hopeful I can nurture a lanky plant. I only planted two, but I think I'll be planting some more at the weekend, they seem to be doing great. See if you can spot which ones they are amongst this lot.

Tonight I also moved the chillies indoors for the first time. They sprouted a few days ago, but they are starting to get leggy due to the lack of light in the shed, so I'll keep them indoors overnight now, and move them into the greenhouse during the day, fingers crossed I do better with these ones than my previous attempt.

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Veg Heaven said...

I think the achocha look like little wooden birds! Mine are now about a foot high and climbing around their own sticks (and each others!) Hope to put them on the allotment fence.