Monday, 9 July 2007

Long time no see

With the recent rubbish weather I haven't really been able to do much on the allotment apart from the occasional weeding between showers. My mini-greenhouses are starting to fill up, and I have my first ever courgette flower!

Look!:There are a few other things starting to grow, and I am getting eager to plant them out now.

Here are a few other seedlings that have shown their "faces" of late:

Dwarf beans.

Mixed lettuce.

Sugarsnap Peas.

After my last abysmal attempt at carrots, it's encouraging to see these:

Here are my various tomatoes (cherry, plum and beef), and a few chilli plants (middle three pots).

Hoping to get onto the plot one night this week, and I'll hopefully take some piccies of how things are going.

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