Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Photographic proof

Here are some photos i took last night. They don't really do the fence justice, but hopefully you can see it at least?

My new gate, isn't it sweet?

How's this for a corner!?

I'm pleased to report that there was no damage done to any plants last night, my runner beans are still intact, as are the peas, and the onions seem to be doing a lot better (maybe they're starting to taste a bit more like onions now, and the culprits aren't so keen..


Nyteshade said...

Now that is one mighty fine looking gate...

It's almost white picket... all we need now is a yellow brick road, a scarecrow and a fetching gingham outfit.... :D

HayWayne said...

Thanks Nyte.

As long as we don't get flying mokeys, I reckon my crops are safe!

vegmonkey said...

Flying monkey attack! Well, vegmonkey to be precise! Loving the blog, nice to see i'm not the only novice having a bit of success!

That is one cracking gate!