Thursday, 19 July 2007


I think I, like many people accross the country am suffering from potato blight due to the wet weather we've been having for what seems like an eternity. Here's some photographic evidence of what I suspect is blight:

On a lighter note, I do have a few things starting to fruit. Look verrrry closely at this photo and you can just make out the startings of a courgette! Can you see it?

I've also had a few of my sugarsnap peas - hardly enough for a banquet, but they did taste good. Nice and sweet.

I also planted some more sugarsnap peas (top image) which will hopefully provide a harvest this year, and also planted some dwarf beans (bottom image) at the same time.

There are also some sprouts that I planted last week, but in my excitement at harvesting my first "major" crop of peas, and dealing with the blighted potatoes, I forgot to take a snap of them. Most are growing well, with the exception of one that seems to have some tiny light grey furry speckles on the underside of some of the leaves. It seems to have stunted it's growth.

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