Friday, 1 June 2007

More donations to the Hay Wayne charitable fund

A friend of mine gave me some cucumbers and runner beans today, hopefully the cucumbers will do a little better than the last attempt. I am hoping to get a lot of the plot fenced in tomorrow with the help of my Pops. Bearer beams from work, all free and plentiful - what more could I ask. I'll take some progress shots as we go along - watch this space. I'll be rabbit-free in no time with a bit of luck!


kt said...

Hi Wayne
Thought I'd be the first to post a comment!
The potatoes look good - very good. Hope you enjoyed them last night. We will have a furtle round tonight(the potatoes that is) and see if we can compete with yours.

kt said...

Thought I'd be the first to post a comment. Your potatoes look good - very good. We will have to have a furtle tonight (round the potatoes!) to see if ours are anywhere near the size of yours. Good luck with the cucumbers.
Hope the fencing works o.k.
Maybe you'll inspire me/us to start our own blog.

HayWayne said...

Hi K.

Good luck with the spuds - I'm sure yours will be brilliant, going on the fact that the stuff you've given me has been great!