Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Poorly courgettes?

Here's how things currently look on the plot (ok, a couple of weeks ago now), nothing much has changed since this photo was taken other than the potatoes are about twice the size shown, and you can actually see onions now rather than me just pointing them out.

I've been keeping various seedlings in my little mini-greenhouses. Some seem to be doing ok, but my courgettes don't look so well! They are now in a mini cold frame waiting for the weather to calm down and warm up a bit, before going to their final place:

Likewise, the cucumber that someone gave me looks a little unwell, but there is some good looking growth around the main stem:

However, I am having some success (ish). Some of the other plants seem to be doing ok, like my butternut squash:

There are a couple of courgette seedlings that have come through several weeks after the first lot, which look good at the moment, but time will tell.
Hoping to get some more fencing material soon to keep the rabbits out, and I've found a load of old CD's which I'm planning to use as anti-pigeon devices. I'm learning the value of time at the moment, and that one needs patience in order to achieve the "perfect plot" - should such a thing exist.

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