Thursday, 20 January 2011

So, where do I begin?

Since I last posted so much has changed.

I've been made redundant,worked as a consultant and then found a new job (which is great). Working in the sameplace for eight and a half years it's amazing how much you miss out on in the outside world.

My brother-in-law and his partner have had a baby girl making me an uncle. She's a real beaut.

LadyWayne has changed job, and has more time to spend with her boys - for which we are all grateful.

Christmas has come and gone, which we hosted again (we're good like that).

I have a new phone - it's one of those "smart" phones, and I'm not proud to admit that it is way smarter than me.

The X-Factor came and went - let's hope it stays that way!

When written down in a short list such as this they all seem fairly mundane and insignificant, but life has changed dramatically and fundamentally - yet life is still very good and full of enjoyment.

Enjoyable not least because of our little boy - Bean, who will be two years old in a matter of weeks. It's hard to believe that I was posting on here (and in a large part on the Grapevine) about his arrival.

He's now more a little boy than a baby - the old cliche's about children growing up fast are proving to all be true. He's talking loads, running round, causing havoc and being what all boys are at that age I'm sure.

In terms of the allotment and plot- well, I've been almost as neglectful of that as I have been to this blog. It's been weeks, if not months since I have been on the plot in earnest and I'm feeling equally as guilty about that as I am about my lack of posts here.

Both of these things I intend to address.

I have plans for the plot which include moving my raspberry canes. I might have to start again as the autumn and summer fruiting varieties have merged into such a fashion that distinguishing them is nigh-on impossible.

I also intend to build a couple of high raised beds for Bean, so that he can really get involved. On the odd occasions that he has ventured to the plot with Daddy he has had great fun, so I imagine his own little plot will be great fun for us both.

I need to relocate my compost bins outside of the plot boundaries as I'm getting to the point where the whole plot is almost in use (whoop whoop I hear a call).

I also want to create a dedicated herb bed - and this will hopefully end up in the space the compost bin will vacate.

What else?

I'm sure there have been plenty of things that have happened that a 35 year old like me is struggling to recall, but for now I think I'll call it a post and perhaps interject future posts with sudden recall to try and keep things interesting.

Oh, to "square the circle" (a bonkers saying if I ever heard one) I have signed up to take part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride again this year, and this time have my own team - Wayne's Wheeled Wobblers. I have a few people signed up to take part with me, so what this space for further news.

No, can't remember anything else at the moment - plus Human Planet has just started on BBC HD and it looks interesting....

Oh - here's one of those recall moments. I've just remembered that my potatoes have "gone over" (a bit squishy for consumption), so I'm looking into the possibility of making my own Vodka, but it involves a bit of investement in terms of kit, so it may well be another idea dead in the water. Or should that be Vodka?

No, that's really it for tonight.


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Mrs Dobby said...

Tattie vodka sounds interesting Wayne!