Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I dunno, you go away for a few days...

Had our yearly trip to Centre Parcs at the weekend, and during our stay there was more and more talk about horrific winds and storms etc etc. To be honest, I didn't take much notice - the weather at Centre Parcs was fantastic (Sherwood Forest).

Until Monday that is! On our journey back, there was high winds, torrential rain, it was 'orrible! When we got home I discovered that my newly erected mini greenhouse had been blown over, spilling its contents (garlic and onions in pots, and a few tom seedlings). I then set about screwing the greenhouse base onto the decking to hopefully stop the same happening again.

Then armed with some newly bought seed trays (I needed more!), and a few bags of seed compost, I started planting some seeds to get me going - and cheer me up a little if truth be known.

Here's what I planted:

Broad beans - both Aquadulce and the Martock HSL ones. I know they could go straight in the ground, but given the peas have been devoured by mices, I didn't want the same fate for my broadies.

Some parsnips in loo roll centres. Hopefully I have more success than last year (which shouldn't be hard), but time will tell I guess...

Also planted some celeriac - even the seeds smell gorgeous!

Peas - Stephens. These should be ok, well I hope so as I've only got 10 seeds.

Planted a few Kohl Rabi too - never tried these to eat, and I've got plenty of the seed so I'm hoping we like them!

I'm sure there were some more but I just can't remember, and it's too cold, wet and windy to go outside and check.

In my electric propagator in the shed I also have a few chillis - Jalepeno and Mixed, and Asparagus. The asparagus is nearly touching the top of the porpagator, so I think I'll have to move them into the greenhouse before they get too cosy, unless I'm already too late of course.

Planning to get some more planting done this weekend too, and I'll hopefully take some photos as I haven't done any for a few weeks.

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