Thursday, 10 January 2008

Unexpected start to 2008

Nothing much to report as far as the plot goes, hoping to get down there this weekend (in between showers) and get some work done. What with Chistmas and New Year to recover from, haven't had much time to tend to plot 35!

Anyway, the real reason I'm sat here madly typing away listening to Nik Kershaw is that yesterday I had some really good news - well I think so anyway.

When I first started out on this adventure I was (and still am to a great extent), very green around the gills as far as what growing veg involved. So, armed only with the modern marvel that is the internerd I looked up sources of information and stumbled on a forum - The Grapevine. The forum is run by Grow Your Own magazine (another great source of information), and is populated by a brilliant bunch of people (at least I think they're real!?) who are knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and altogether a humourous bunch. They've kept me going and helped maintain my enthusiasm - if any of you are reading this, thanks!

Whilst I don't know much about gardening yet, I often pop in and post the odd thing or two, questions and alike, sometimes gardening related, mostly not and they have accepted me into the fold (I think I could be classed as some form of forum stalker in actual fact).

Quite unexepectedly and completely out of the blue I was yesterday awarded Member of the Month for January 2008 - the first of the year. I was shell-shocked! I thought this particular accolade only went to those that helped others on the forum, and those that brought something to the table as it were. It may seem like an odd thing to get excited about, but when you just go onto the forum to "chat" to others, share experiences, successes, failures, laughs etc, you don't expect recognition. I even get some goodies into the bargain, and a banner by my name - how cool is that!?

If any of the voting members are reading this, thank you!

Here was the moment it happened:

One valuable lesson I've learnt over the (almost) year I've been doing this, is that a sense of humour goes a long way, and hopefully having made a few people smile has been my contribution to all those fellow grapes who've helped me.

I'll post photos of my goodies when they arrive, I can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling about not being able to get to the lottie because of the rain and high winds. Lets hope they go soon so we can all get on with our work.

Congratulations on your winning your prize.

Paul and Melanie said...

WooHoo! Well done!

I've just joined that forum (and found your blog through it) and it looks like a fun place.

Just read through your blog and you've done fantasticly well for your first year. We're about a year behind you really with our brand new plot and little to no experience, so you've given me a bit of inspiration!

Well done again! :)