Monday, 3 December 2007

If I had a pallet - or six.

It's been on the cards now for months - I obtained a number of pallets from work (cheers Spence!) and they've been sat waiting to do something useful for ages, so this weekend I pulled my finger out and got to making a compost bin of the most rustic variety.

I had some fence posts left ovr from when Dad and I made the fence earlier in the year, so I simply laid out the pallets and hammered in four fence posts to keep them from falling over. They're not tied or nailed together, jus all propped against each other with the posts keeping them upright.

Before and after:

I also had a bit of a go at doing a little apple tree pruning. At first I was a bit tentative, but cut quite a bit off after all.

The tree: The bits:

The JCB tracks aren't mine, I promise - Stuart next door had a massive load of horse muck dumped on his plot - I think he asked for it personally.

It's only a quick post today, but before I go have a look at my latest cauliflower (you know you want to) - I'd say it's my best yet, but then I would.

The plate on the right (that's real steam too by the way!) is what it looked like after Lady ayWayne had turned it into a Cauliflower Bhaji for dinner one night - t'was yummeh, thank you please!

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Denver Pallets said...

I love Cauliflower Bhaji! Cauliflower Bhaji is one of my favorite foods! I love it with extra chilly. When it is spicy it is the best!

Its a quick dish and it tastes heavenly! Next time you guys make it try Garnish with cilantro leaves its amazing!