Saturday, 4 August 2007

Bitten by the bug - in the truest sense!

A few days ago I visited the plot just to do a bit of tinkering. Wearing my flip-flops my feet were constantly tickled by plants and weeds as I walked around. Anyway, I was crouched down and was picking some peas when I felt a more persistent "tickle" looked down at my left foot and saw some kind of bug on it, at the same time I brushed the bug off without much thought. Then saw a little dot of blood and realised I'd been bitten.

Thought nothing of it and carried on life as usual, until yesterday when it got too painful and swollen that I resorted to seeing the nurse.

She told me I should have come sooner as the poison looked as if it was travelling up my leg (a red "line" halfway up my shin). She prescribed double-dose anti-biotics, along with antihistamine, no alcohol, plenty of rest and stay out of the sun.

I took a photo of my feet side by side:

...but it doesn't really show home much the left foot has swollen up, so I took a picture of each, flipped the one of the right foot round so you can see what difference there is. This is my right foot, and how my left pretty much looked before the bite:

..and this is the bitten foot:

All in all, it's pretty much scuppered my weekend plans - last night it was really painful (these pictures where taken this morning, and it's died down a bit already), but the drugs seem to be having the desired effect.

I've got to go back to the doctors on Tuesday (or sooner if it gets worse), so looks like I'll miss out on a good weekends work!

Blummin insects!

Moral of the story - wear wellies!


allotment lady said...

Ouch that looks so very very painful.

Anonymous said...

serves you right for cheating on the cdp quiz !!