Sunday, 12 August 2007

Back on track - ish!

After a week of convalescing (nurses orders), I have discovered two things. 1. Daytime television can rot your mind. 2. Weeds grow faster than you'd imagined possible.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised when I ventured back down to plot 35 for a good bit of old fashioned hard work.

I set off at 8:30 with a bootful of tools and goodies (only half of which I have so far learned how to use), and spent a good 4 hours weeding, planting, harvesting and generally "zenning out" man.

First on my list of to-do's was dig up one of the beds of potatoes to see how they'd faired after what I thought was an attack of blight. about half an hour later (and with a slightly stiff back), ladies and gentlemens, I give you - potatoes....

I found this cute little freak of a potato too - isn't that veird, look it has a nubbin!

Please don't ask me how many there are(I'm rubbish with weights), but it was a trug-load as you can see. I have another bed of the same variety (King Edwards) to dig over, but I need to save something else for another day!

Once these were removed I dug in a load of compost into the bed and planted 6 cauliflower plants and 12 cabbages - lord only knows if they'll survive, I had somewhat neglected them of late due to my foot swellage.

It was my most fruitful harvest yet - I think I may be starting to enjoy this damnit!

Here we have this weeks shopping:

Runner beans


Some sneaky blackberries I spotted.

I grew impatient waiting for the onions to be ready so pulled a couple up to see what they're like - surprisingly, they're like onions...

I'd posted (I think), earlier about the fact that I have some form of apple tree on my plot, and that it had no blossom on it earlier this year. Imagine my surprise when I saw this on the tree...

Yes, I was underwhelmed too! There are about 20-30 apples on the whole entire tree, maybe enough for a crumble someday?

Had a little rummage around the butternut squash plants whilst I was there too - look what I sawed!

Here be my first ever tomato - I think it's a plum. I'll keep this photo in an album, along with a lock of it's first hair.

Well, the lady wife's cooking a roast, and the tatties I pulled up earlier smell lovely - that, and I'm afew glasses of red down, so I'm going to call it a day here, before I really start to ramble!

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