Friday, 15 April 2011

And in other news...

Garden related again.

Well, plot to be more precise.

Managed to get to the plot for a whole day on Sunday with the family Wayne - with the addition of two extra pairs of hands in the form of my parents.

Dad cleared a whole load of couch grass - call it what you will, but I say couch, others say couch....

Raspberries are looking far neater after EdWayne Scissorhands set to them with his secateurs. No idea if I've done the right thing or not as some are Summer fruiting, and others are Autumn fruiting, but Ill be darned if I can tell them apart! Will know better at the end of the year I'm sure.

Planted a whole row of peas, a load of broad beans and finally managed to get my potatoes in - all 6 rows. 3 of each early and main crop. Just need to remember which ones are which...*

*Demonstrated my mobile phones endless abilities, and took a photo of the the bed with my hand holding the label aloft so I know which one is which. There's no app for that!

Also got the remaining onions into a couple of beds - about 100 spring planted onions to go with the 100 or so autumn planted ones that are already showing green.

Took our old plastic patio furniture, a little drum barbecue and LadyWayne took charge of refreshments and sustenance. All fed and we carried on.

I de-flowered* the rhubarb as it had started to bolt due to the dry weather we've been having, and cleared the weeds from around the plants stinging my hands to buggery in the process on the surrounding nettles.

*no, not in that sense!!

Finally I (with the help of Dad) built the raised bed for Bean that I have been promising, and now that I have a plentiful supply of green garden paint I can coat it, line it and fill it.

On the subject of filling, it would appear that I have found a source of topsoil courtesy of FreeCycle - I just need to sort out how I get it from source to plot....

Maybe that's for the next post.

I will update with some more interesting matter (photos) shortly, once I remember to take the camera with me..

Until then.

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