Monday, 22 February 2010

Boggy, boggy, boggy - oi, oi, oi!

I'd planned to get down to the allotment for a whole day yesterday, but as is the way with such things the weather (snow early on) conspired against me so I pottered about the house doing odd jobs (painting bookshelves, clearing the office, organising my potatoes to chit, washing and so on) so didn't manage to get to the plot until late afternoon.

When I got there it was clear that the ground was way too boggy to do any real work so I trundled down to the bottom of the site and loaded up a few barrows full of manure to add to the compost heap.

I also decided that I would build a pergola - inspired by a fellow "Grape" from my second home:

I managed to dig two holes and place the uprights before deciding that it was indeed still to boggy to dig.

The weather will improve soon, of that I'm sure - we've had another full day of snow today so there must be some sunshine making its way to us...

Speaking loosely of weather - whilst in the garden yesterday I noticed quite a few clumps of leaves poking through in the 'trough' at the top of the garden,and one clump in particular has little white flowers - yes, Snowdrops. Odd that only one clump is showing, but that's probably the work of the local hoddie wearing squirrels.

Not sure what the rest of the leaves are, but it adds to the excitement of this time of year I guess.

One more thing before I go (I know it's a quick post), for anyone not already pestered for money - I am taking part in the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton Bike Ride this year and would be grateful (if you haven't already) of any donation. I am only £5 away from my target of £150, but it would be great to smash through my target.

If you would like to sponsor me you can donate online (as is the modern way) at the following site:

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Hiya, Just popping by to say Hi...Love your blog! Fab!