Sunday, 17 January 2010

Leaf it out!

Well, I think that's the longest I've been away from the blog. Busy busy busy.

Not really much to report as I unfortunately haven't been to the plot for months now. I'm planning to give a good go in a few weeks time. Get stuff in the ground, get some manure etc on and dug in. Late I know, but you know what they say about late - better than never right?

It's hard to believe that it's nearly a whole year since our son was born, but it will be exactly that in a couple of weeks. It's impossible to imagine life without him now, and he's only been here 11 and a bit months!

After the record breaking snow we've had of late the garden finally thawed out this weekend, so today I managed to get out there and rake up the leaves that have been on the ground for far too long. It's my friend late again...

Anyhoo. I attacked them with gusto and managed to get them all (well, I gave up on getting every last leaf some years ago) in about an hour.

As you can see, it was well over due.

But, quite literally some minutes later...

and then, some more minutes later...

Bagged and tagged.

I'd forgotten how much you ache after some 'ard graft, and I haven't got time these days for long hot baths!

Until next time - which hopefully won't be as far away.

Oh, forgot one thing! I noticed what I think (due to the label next to it) is Flat Leaf Parsley growing out from beneath the leaves:

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Vegetable Heaven said...

The first hard graft session hits you where it hurts, doesn't it? Still, that'll be black gold in a year or so's time.