Monday, 10 November 2008

Not wishing my life away...

But, where does the time go?

It’s been ages since I’ve been to the plot (or posted here) – or even done any real gardening.

A combination of rubbish weather, nursery preparations and a dodgy back/hamstring/sciatic nerve has kept me away.

A couple of weekends ago LadyWayne and I gave the garden a bit of a spruce up – mowed the grass for what I think will be the last time this year, clipped back a few of the perennials, and swept up the leaves (not that you’d know to look this morning after last night’s winds!!).

I’m now at a point where I’m concerned that I’m getting behind – the greenhouse needs emptying (I’ve moved three chili plants indoors already – 1 each Jalapeño, Purple Tiger and Twilight) and cleaning, onions/garlic still need planting, ground needs turning over and the dead plants on the plot need lifting and throwing on the compost.

I still have a few things in the ground – parsnips, celeriac and purple sprouting broccoli (which I fear has outgrown its netting), but with people coming to visit, the fact that the ground is sodden, and whenever I get the time to go to the plot the weather is dire, time has slipped away.

It’s only going to get worse I’m sure when Bean arrives!

Anyway – one must look to the positives…

Bean will arrive in around 13 weeks or so – doesn’t sound that far away when you say it like that does it? There’s Christmas to look forward to. My neighbours are top of the list to get a plot.

Having pretty much given up on this year (I hear shouts of “again?” from the back), I am starting to think ahead to next season and what to grow/concentrate on. Let’s consider year 1 and 2 as foundation years. Not that one ever stops learning of course, but I now have a good idea about what grows well on the plot, where the most exposed areas are, what problems I’ll face etc .

So, plans for next year revolve around Bean – R-Kid, not the runner/string/French/broad varieties.

Potatoes seem to do well – so they’re definitely on the list.
Squashes – I know to get them in earlier this year.
Carrots – will plant plenty more this year, and net them in.
Parsnips – as per carrots.
Sweetcorn – plant them somewhere more sheltered, or plant something to shelter them.
Swede – root crops seem to do well.
Beetroot – will plant successional.
Peas – planted earlier and will plant closer together.
Beans – seem to be foolproof.
Onions – will plant more (and soon!).
Garlic – as per onions.
Courgettes – will plant a few varieties – including yellow ones, just to make things more interesting.
Apples – will take the ladder to the plot come harvest time.

There are other things I intend on growing, but in terms of staple crops, those are mine.
As you can see – there are a large number of “mashable” veg among the list, which is deliberate – I aim to get Bean eating as much home grown from an early age as possible. Teaching them what’s in season, what/how to cook, etc. Stuff I never really had as kid, but wish to an extent that I had.
Time (or the lack of it), will tell of course!
Of course, sitting on one’s backside isn’t good either – physically or psychologically, so I’ve been busy doing other things. The main “thing” being the nursery, and I’m pleased to report that it’s just about there now – just awaiting the arrival of the cot and more importantly, Bean (although they will be in with us initially of course).

2009 is going to be an interesting year – for many reasons. 2008 was just a hint.


Vegetable Heaven said...

As you've said, beans look after themselves and give an excellent return. Fruit bushes might be an idea. Real blackcurrants have to be better than ribena!

Wayne said...

Have a few raspberry canes, and there are blackberries a plenty round here. My apple tree was a prolifict cropper this year too. I guess I'll need to make some cages to house the fruit bushes and guard them from the winged ones.

Thanks again Ma.